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3 Top tips for freelancers thinking of relocating to Ireland

[fa icon="calendar"] 09/09/16 05:05 / by Keith Cosgrave

Keith Cosgrave

Freelancer thinking of relocating to Ireland

1) Understand your primary motivations

Too often freelancers thinking of relocating to Ireland spend little or no time reflecting on the true reason they want to relocate.  One of the main drivers, as one my automatically assume being extra money can sometimes come at the cost of poor decision making.  In my previous role I spoke with 100s of freelancers relocating to Ireland and it was not so uncommon for them to terminate a contract early and fly back to their home as they were unhappy with the role or they did not take home the level of income they had originally expected.  It is always a good idea to speak with a qualified accountant to provide you with an accurate calculation of your income.  There are many templates available to do this however there are also many variables that freelancers overlook.


2) Research the roles available

Prior to making a move to Ireland, it is always a good idea to trawl some of the local job boards such as: .  It might also be a good idea to speak with a reputable recruitment agency or consultant, there are many specialist recruitment agencies within the IT space as there are hundreds of open roles that require filling. 

Updating your CV is always a good starting point prior to making contact with potential clients for projects, as contract / freelance roles have a tendency to move at a fast pace more so that permanent positions.

3) If you have a partner, speak with him/her prior to applying for a contract / freelance role

Relocating to Ireland as a freelancer is a big life decision, especially if you are part of a family unit.  Decisions need to be made about travelling to Ireland as a family, or weekend, bi-weekly, monthly travel back home.  This can put considerable stress on a family, so you need to discuss in detail about the pros and cons of undertaking a freelance role in Ireland.  If your plan is to move to Ireland long term I will be writing a second blog about things to consider in relation to education, accommodation, health insurance etc.

The above 3 tips might seem basic, you would be amazed to hear how frequently they can cause issues with freelancers as they have been overlooked.  We also created a great infographic guide to help you improve the success of securing your next freelance project in Ireland:

DOWNLOAD steps to improve the chances of securing your next freelance project

Thank you for taking time to read our blog and I look forward to hearing your comments.  

Feel free to contact us directly with any of your questions.

Keith Cosgrave

Written by Keith Cosgrave

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